Related Alternative Servers Listing

Now that the server has died, players need the opportunity to play amongst eachother elsewhere.

The Related Alternative Server listing (RAS) is a list of servers with some sort of relationship to LC; be that direct (run by former LC players) or indirect (played on by several former LC players).

Note: This ugly thing is temporary; a better one is currently being designed by the event’s technical team.

If you would like a server to be added to this list, please send us an email.

WARNING! Only join servers run by people you trust!

Joining a MC server exposes your IP address (and thus your location) to that server’s owner, and to anyone that owner gives IP-lookup permission nodes to.

We implicitly trust all category one servers, but we will not vouch for the safety of servers from the other categories; join at your own risk!

Category One Servers

Sister Networks and Servers Created by Members of LC’s Final Staff Team Around the Time of the LC Shut-Down

Category Two Servers

Servers Created by LockedCraft Players  Attempting to Emulate Parts of LC

Category Three Servers

Unrelated Servers Created by LockedCraft’s Playerbase after LC’s Shut-Down

Category Four Servers

Unrelated servers, commonly visited by, but not in ownership of members of LC’s playerbase