Construction Credits & Acknowledgements

Direction, Project & Task Management; Finance, Sponsorship; Core Work, Staffing, Organization, Planning, Media, & Legal.

  • InteriorCamping

Auxiliary Production Team

  • Matriarch| Core Production & Core Community Management
  • YukeWolf | Production & Organizational Aid
  • KittyClaus | Production & Planning Aid

Modular Development

  • Frostalf | Java Integrations
  • Drakinite | Java Integrations
  • ZeroWinrate | Early Aux Java
  • AGiantCreeper | Early Troubleshooting
  • KageTsukasa | Early Troubleshooting

Asset Recovery

  • AGiantCreeper
  • AniCre
  • KageTsukasa
  • Coreyissmart

Security & Systems Advice

  • Frostalf
  • Leahsome
  • KageTsukasa
  • Unsigned

Misc. Support & Publicity

  • LynnMarvel.
  • AlcaPwned69.
  • Awolfe1234

Periodic Hardware Augmentation

  • 484herobrine
  • Matriarch
  • KageTsukasa
  • Frostalf

Misc. Support & Logistics

  • MarciiBear (AKA Anime)
  • TheAwesomeOne01.
  • Drakinite.

In addition to those listed above, there are others who helped the project in some way or another. Thank you to everyone who helped!

While everyone listed here has, somehow, made a significant contribution to this event, we feel that there are several people who have spent disproportionate amounts of time/effort working on the event.

We would like to specifically highlight these people to sincerely thank them for their contributions to this event. Primary contributors have been highlighted with italics; extraordinary contributors have also been underlined. Thank you once again to everyone who contributed to this event!