Feature List

The following features are planned for inclusion in this event:

  • Explorable copies of every old LC map we were able to recover.
  • Exact recreations of several server builds, including really old ones.
  • A playable SMP world in a modern MC version featuring an exact emulation of LC’s old plugin build.
    • Bug fixes for all of the bugs that plagued the late server.
    • All features as originally intended; features removed over time due to technical errors have been restored.
  • LC’s kitPVP, FIXED, and playable in 1.8. EVENT OVER
    • Includes original maps & mechanics.
    • ALL bugs found on the original kitPVP have been fixed.
  • An exact recreation of LC’s skywars gamemode. EVENT OVER
  • Your original tags, ranks, & perms on ALL servers.
  • High quality economy calculations to make all gamemodes more immersive.
  • A nostalgia media project montaging footage from throughout LC & craftgrounds from all youtubers. COMPLETED
  • A near perfect, explorable, copy of the LockedCraft’s forums. EVENT OVER
  • A somewhat complete recovery of CraftGround’s website. EVENT OVER
  • Various discord events focused on exploring LC’s memory.
    • Including some with IRL prizes.
  • A place to share memories of the late LC.
  • Lots more unannounced features.

This event was made possible by over 750 hours of production work from LCLO staff and communication amongst LC’s 8 emeritus lead administrators.