Reasoning for the Temporary Nature of the Reunion

Due to structural dependence on ownership, and an inactivity of said ownership, the server became impossible to realistically maintain.
This led to its shutdown following a multi-year deterioration.

The server proper will never return nor will another staff hosted server ever be created.
Restarting the original under Graf would be unmaintainable, creating a staff-run copy would be illegal, and creating a new server as staff would be impractical due to lack of interest.

Therefore, instead restarting the server proper, LC staff founded the LCLO to give LockedCraft itself a proper, final, and temporary, send-off.

We encourage players to create their own servers or join other ones. To help with this, we created the RAS program & listing to help new servers.

Note that new servers must not be direct copies of LC, nor may they use LC’s exact branding. This is for legal reasons, and we will not associate ourselves with, or otherwise tolerate LCLO promotion of, any servers that do that.

Further Explanation

LC Lead Administrator Int wrote this Q&A post in 2018:

Why did you shut the server down?

Make no mistake about it: the main reason we closed the server was its disastrous combination of dependence and leadership activity. Most critical server functions (including donation records, file access and control, all financial access, authorization for structural changes, access to price modification, and giveaway permissions, among others) were restricted solely to Graf himself. In and of itself, restricting key access to one individual is viable when contingently factoring the competence, responsibility, and activity of the individual in question; while Graf’s competence, responsibility, etc, was more than sufficient, and while Graf’s activity was exemplary in times past, his activity decreased drastically in early 2014, subsequently slowing to complete cessation thereafter.

Will the original server itself ever come back?

Although there were numerous other factors considered in the final staff meeting (factors that will be discussed later in this post), the above was paramount. Therefore, on account of ownership inactivity and lack of delegation, staff have absolutely zero intention of restarting the server on dedicated server under it’s current organizational, legal, and technical permission setup. Ignoring the implausibility of procuring the original dedicated server and its files, restarting the server, as was, would equate to restarting the server under the same conditions for which it was shut down; it would be counterproductive, counterintuitive, and therefrom inoperative. If the actual server is to return, it will be due to Graf doing so himself.

Will LC’s old staff directly host the original LockedCraft (on a different machine under direct management)?

LockedCraft and its assets are intellectual property of the corporate entity of LockedCraft (hereafter referred as “LC. Inc.”) as incorporated by Graf33 some time in 2012; they are for official use of LC. Inc and must be directly operated by – or subcontracted to others by – executive officers of LC Inc. Furthermore, LC’s assets are to be used on materials and therefore machines owned or directly controlled by LC. Inc with all expenses of such operation incurred by LC. Inc and all revenue from this operation payed to LC. Inc; all of the aforementioned expenditures and revenues must be taxed to the Canadian Government under applicable regulations.

If LC staff – or any other individuals – obtain, host, generate revenue from the operation of, or otherwise make use of the corporate property of LC. Inc, it is a federal corporate (and in our case, personal) liability, it is against international intellectual property laws, it is against federal tax law, and hence determinedly unlawful. Ergo to the above, thereupon the legal context of the situation, no. We will not revive LC or any of it’s assets, temporarily or indefinitely, and we will thusly take all reasonable precautions to ensure that we do not leak, or participate in the leakage of, such information to others.

In our operation of the reunion server, we are stretching the rights of LC Inc to a grey area: we, persons originally indirectly designated to operate a primary asset by an officer of the company, are “separately performing public tests on” a production LC Inc asset as once authorized. In doing so, we are taking all reasonable precautions against intellectual theft (efforts to block world downloaders in this case), and are not generating or accepting any revenue from the operation of the aforementioned corporate property.
Hosting the server for longer than we are already so doing would be legally precarious; hosting it indefinitely would be, by all interpretations, downright illegal.

Will LC’s old staff remake a server similar to LockedCraft? (using different assets, different branding, etc.)

Another (albeit secondary) reason for our decision to end the server was a lack of interest and therefore motivation towards LockedCraft (and in some cases MineCraft in general). Late LockedCraft was a deserted community, with a myriad of bugs necessitating significant technical adjustment, sitting on an outdated plugin foundation and thusly entailing a significant plugin overhaul as the 1.9 update neared. Juxtaposing the motivation offered by the server’s low playerbase to the workload posed by the upcoming update, it is easy to see how motivation for the continuation of the server collapsed; towards the end of LockedCraft, a portion of LC’s staff team had found enjoyment on other servers as players… with the remainder tiring of MineCraft in general.

Simply put, there are not enough staff who are still interested in the administration of a MineCraft server to successfully run one (be that a remake of LC or otherwise); we are quite content with our lives and express absolutely zero interest in creating such a server in the first place. If we were to sponsor a quasi-official server, a majority of the staff-members needed for the technical and logistical administration of such a community would need to be freshly recruited. This would be majorly redundant as (when considering the amount of technical and logistical expertise we would otherwise need to recruit) such persons would be more than capable of starting a remake server on their own. Therefore, the policy to this regard of the LC staff team is as follows: we have no intention of starting a server as we have instead chosen to encourage the community to start their own. To this extent, we are more than willing to provide brief technical expertise to those ask (to the degree of “ask us a question, and we will be more than happy to answer it for you”).

What can I do?

Can I restart a copy of LockedCraft?
If any individuals obtain, host, generate revenue from the operation of, or otherwise make use of exact copies of LC. Inc’s corporate property, legally speaking it is a federal liability to your person; it is against international intellectual property laws, it is against federal tax law, and hence determinedly unlawful. Accordingly, we highly discourage the creation of an exact copy. We will not support, promote, affiliate ourselves with, or allow the promotion of any server that directly copies LC or it’s assets.

Can I remake LockedCraft or create a similar server?
Absolutely! We accolade any attempts to do so and thusly offer promotion and small rewards to any reestablishment attempts (see here). Just make sure not to directly copy any of LC’s assets (for example, the name “LockedCraft™”, using a copy of LC’s logo, an exact (file to file) copy of the server’s map, an exact (file to file) copy of its plugin build, etc.).

LCLO Executive Director, March 29, 2018