Reunion Reasoning & Background

Founded nearly a decade ago by Graf33 (albeit under different names), LockedCraft rapidly expanded until it reached its 2013 peak of being the #7 MC server in the world. Unfortunately, due to a multitude of factors — not the least of which being inactive ownership — this did not last.

When LC finally succumbed to deterioration in 2016, most of the player-base had already left. While some of those players may remember the server positively from their past memories of its peak, such memories are often overshadowed by the slow collapse it faced over time.

The server’s run felt incomplete for many; it lacked closure. Providing that closure to the community is a fundamental aspect of the LCLO’s mission; in early 2018, we decided that the best way to do this was organize, develop, and host a Reunion Event.

That event — designed as a way to give the server the proper send-off it deserved — is what has become known as the #LCReunion. Among other things, it will feature a — playable — complete restoration of key game-modes to peak quality, interactive historical maps, and significant media components.

We hope that by letting players relive their childhood memories on a replica of LC at its peak, we will be able to generate lasting, positive, and conclusive, memories for the community. After the reunion event’s completion, we intend on gracefully shutting it down, thereby giving the server a proper end.